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No Ruling On Overturning Islam Religion In Public Schools

April 18, 2017

Recently it has come to my attention that Judge Gorsuch made a tie-breaking decision to stop the teaching of Islam in our schools, indoctrinating if you will. 

Many sites are claiming this has been ruled upon by the Supreme Court. If you go to the official Supreme Court site, there is no such ruling.

There are several Indoctrinations of Islam Religion in our schools being reported, this has grave concern among conservatives, as it should be alarming.

On April 19, 2017 a case coinciding with freedom of religion dispute is to be heard by the Supreme Court. This has nothing to do with the teaching of Islam in our public schools. At stake will be bans on half the nations that prohibit using tax dollars to support churches. The states say these bans are necessary to prohibit the meddling of government in religious affairs.

As it seems that religion in schools is a very murky area in which it is hard to decide what is permissible. We do know that under the Constitution the Supreme Court has declared that public schools are “religious free zones, separate church from state.” Students may be taught about the difference of religions, but public schools must not teach any religion.

When you talk about the indoctrination of Islam in our schools: by law certain practices such as handing out literature, discussing of religion with other students, all of which is legal. Although teachers and staff are not allowed to do any of the aforementioned. This applies to all religions. 

The history of religion, all religions are permissible public school subjects. So, yes they can teach about the Islamic Religion (academic not devotional teaching.) This is a very thin line, one where CAIR and other organizations are able to take advantage of. They should only be teaching the role that certain religion had in shaping the different countries.

Students may express their religious beliefs in the form of reports, homework and artwork. These freedoms are constitutionally protected. 

As far as the Islamists having to pray five times a day, according to aclu.org:

“18. Schools have the discretion to dismiss students to off-premises religious instruction, provided that schools do not encourage or discourage participation or penalize those who do not attend. 20. Schools may not allow religious instruction by outsiders on premises during the school day.”

In summarizing:

There will never be a hearing to stop Islam from being taught in public schools, as it is permissible only in the way of educating students of how the religion shaped the USA and other countries. They should not be teaching tenants, or asking other students to pray to Allah, or any other God.

The parents of students in England and Ireland are able to op-out of classes that teach about Islam. Here in the United States, we are not so lucky. In one Ohio Middle school they are permitting opting out of Islamic teachings. So, check your state, you may be able to opt out also.

It seems that parents can opt out of religious classes by doing an alternative assignment. It should be up to the parents discretion.

As reported by beliefnet.com:

“Under the terms of the new law, which was sponsored by state Rep. J.R. Hoell (R-Dunbarton), a parent can object to any curriculum or course material in the classroom. The parent and school district then determine a new curriculum or texts for the child to meet any state educational requirements for the subject matter. The bill also allows for the parent’s name and reason for objection to be sealed – not made public – by the state.”

“And so the tug-of-war seems to be shaping up. Consistently, federal courts are ruling that parents have no rights, whereas the state legislatures are specifically giving parents those rights.”

“Nationwide, 26 states now allow parents to opt out of classes without stating a reason. The District of Columbia and 17 states require parents to cite religious or ethical objections before they can pull their child out of class. Seven states have no statutes covering the issue, but three of those – Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota – said that parental rights are traditionally observed.”

So federal law may say one thing, but states may differ.

UPDATE: Today April 26, 2017, President Trump signed an executive order which will direct the Secretary of Education to ensure Department of Education regulations conform with laws requiring state and local control of education. It also directs the education secretary to conduct a study to identify potential over-reach by the federal government on education issues. The Secretary of Education will need and to modify or rescind any regulations that are not in compliance.

Read more at http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/news/2013/01/do-parents-have-any-right-to-say-what-their-kids-are-taught.php#0hr2EwXU7m6us3JS.99

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