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The Battle Cry | Senate

The Battle Cry | Senate

October 5, 2018


Take a walk with me back in time, remembering the horrible slaughter of innocent victims in Las Vegas. Many alternative news sources showed you something entirely different with their proof, that what we were being told was so different from what we heard and saw. Because of the technology that is available to us through smartphones in this day and age, proves beyond a shadow of doubt, not all of the facts were released to the public.

In the below link is a recording by Tall Ace Of Spades, you will hear a battle cry right before the shooting begins in Las Vegas. The mark is around 3:36.


I am bringing up Las Vegas only because there was a short video clip of someone being arrested inside the Senate Building during the protests of the supplemental FBI’s findings on their investigation. The sound is compared to an animal sound by Harlan Z Hill, a Republican Political Consultant seen on Fox News, Fox Business, MSNBC, CNN, BBC, and Sky News.

Here is the link to the short video clip in Harlan’s tweet: https://www.real.video/5844929203001


Now, if there is any doubt that what I am saying is not fact, let’s bring you to another video where a Turkish man is showing his friend what the terrorist battle cry sounds like.

Link: https://youtu.be/Pp15J8yof2c

This brings me to how well assimilated the Muslims are in USA and European culture. The answer is they are not assimilating if they are radicalized. Europe is just beginning to realize that they don’t assimilate if they are radicalized. Their increased warnings of knife attacks are proof of this. USA is having a harder time comprehending facts because of confusion behind the Resistance Movement. Where do they fit into all of this? This movement is nothing more than a cult like formulation, headed by Linda Sarsour, a well known Muslim who wants to raise “jihad” against anything/anybody attached to President Trump, as reported by RealClear Politics.

Maybe to our younger people this movement seems cool to them. The Muslims and extreme left who push the radicalized Muslim Brotherhood draw on and hope for that perception, that it’s the new thing, the cool thing, have to be a part of it! It’s easy for young people who have been dumbed down through media’s comforting words of assimilation. There in lies our continuing problem….

How is the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) any different than the Resistance Movement here in the USA? They haven’t resulted in mass killings, as of yet. But, they are drawn to the radical left because they hate what America stands for, they have this in common.

Yet, we have protesters in our Senate building who are being arrested. They are getting closer to the physical presence of our Senators. This is a scary thought to me.

After the election in 2016, Hillary Clinton announced the “Resistance Movement” without going into what exactly this movement was. Not long after that President Trump announced to the media, “A Storms Coming.”

Folks, we are in a revolution between good and evil. If you ever wondered what the outcome of this revolution will be…just a reminder, Arthur A Thompson who wrote the book “To The Victor Goes The Myth and Monuments,” tells us the elites know years ahead of us. Why? Because they planned it.

During the Kavanaugh fight to have the Senate move for cloture voting, A democratic staffer, Jackson A. Cosko, 27 was arrested for doxing three Senators. What this means for those who might not know, their addresses and other secret information about them was made public. Whether or not this was done to harass them, scare them, as Maxine Waters has screamed from her pulpit where groups who support her were getting charged, or something much worse was planned, who knows. Glad that he was reported and arrested. This is getting out of hand!


There was recently an urgent, powerful alert that came from Steve Quayle that was republished in allnewspipeline.com which is extremely disturbing since planning of assassinations were being discussed on Twitter, right out in the open like radical islamists use to do when recruiting and pushing a radical ideology.

If your not convinced that there really are people planning assassinations after this, including most likely our beloved President, I don’t know what more I can say.

These are not only winning times for Republicans that could come at an awful price, they are also hard, scary times we are living in. Pray for our President, Senators, Congressmen/women and our Supreme Court Justices.

Thank God we have our great Secret Service, Capitol Police and FBI who risk their lives everyday to keep them safe.