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Mayor de Blasio – Warned About New York Terrorist Activities

November 1, 2017

Imam Tawhidi had written a letter to the Mayor back in February, 2017 asking for an interview with the Mayor. He had credible knowledge of detailed financial funding coming from the Middle East and books that were being imported which contained radicalized (Wahabist) fundamentalist teachings. These books that were being imported were also being gifted to prisoners within the New York prison system.

This letter apparently was completely ignored by the Mayor and most likely was never referred to the FBI.


As you can see, he was completely ignored! Why was he ignored? Well, it’s simple, we were told by the New York Post, that the NYPD banned an anti-terror handbook that was right on point, and could have possibly stopped the terrorism that happened in New York yesterday that killed 8 and injured many. The Muslims felt they were being spied on (religious profiling)!

This anti-terrorism handbook was banned from New York Police, Intelligence, Counter-terrorism forces due to a lawsuit  by lawyers for the city and Muslim leaders. Former law enforcement officers feared that by banning the handbook, it could not stop the vehicle-ramming attacks that were plaguing European cities. Well, now it’s plaguing the USA also, what are they going to do about this???

If I was the family of any people that were maimed or killed yesterday, I would sue both de Blasio and the city, not stopping there…..sue the lawyers and the Muslim leaders, judges that let this banning take place!


FBI Says We Can Trust Them?

October 8, 2017

The FBI Agent in charge of the Las Vegas shooting is Aaron Rouse who formally took up his position as head of the Las Vegas division in September, 2016. He was appointed by none other than James Comey.

Isn’t it strange that on October 2, one day after the shooting, the FBI had already reached a conclusion that ISIS was not involved in the shooting which amassed so many deaths and injuries. That was a determination that was made to quickly if you ask me, even after ISIS had already claimed responsibility for the attack. Whether or not ISIS was responsible or not, determination can only be made by a thorough investigation that takes more than one day! This already smells to high heaven of a coverup of some sort.

Many people are listening to video tapes of the shots and drawing their own conclusions. Conclusions are as diverse as more than one shooter, areas of shots fired coming from different floors of the Mandalay Bay and even different buildings.

Videos cannot lie, they are a recording in real time that can disprove what the FBI is telling the American public, and o’boy are they ever!


To be truthful, the FBI covered up the shooting of Robert “Lavoy” Finicum, which is coming back to the haunt them as I speak…W. Joseph Astarita, who shot Lavoy was indicted on five felony charges. Three of those counts were in making false statements to his supervisors, two counts were for obstruction of justice. There was enough evidence of a coverup for a trial to take place.

In another possible coverup, the FBI is now being sued by a victim, as a result of an ISIS inspired attack in 2015 where there was a cartoon drawing contest “Draw Muhammad Contest” in Garland, Texas. It is alleged that the FBI had early warning signs of an ISIS attack and did not act on this. Look at this text from an FBI agent: Screenshot from RT Video

Read more, how the FBI has obviously aided and abetted an ISIS attack on US soil.

So, when Agent Rouse is so quick to say the attack on the people at the Las Vegas venue is not a result of ISIS, do we accept his theories? This is not to say we can’t trust the FBI as a whole. However, there are some agents that may have been spies that have themselves become radicalized.

It is well known that one of the FBI agents had very close ties to one of the Garland Texas extremists and was found to have taken a picture right before the attacks. Call it entrapment, I don’t think so! They were told to “tear up Texas.”

So, why now should I trust what the FBI and Sheriff Lombardo are telling us?

BOMB SET OFF at The Civil War Re-enactment in Middletown VA

October 15, 2017

WTOP News had reported earlier that there were written threats made before the Civil War Re-enactment Battle of Cedar Creek in *Middletown, Virginia. Due to the threats, security was stepped up and the re-enactment was scheduled to go on as planned.
It is being reported by The Common Sense Show that Saturday, 10/14/2017, onlookers saw a group of people run into a confederate tent dropping a pipe and then ran, as of now they have not been apprehended. Dave from the Common Sense Show says that the pipe bomb did explode, no injuries have been reported.

UPDATED 10/17/2017, An actual witness who was there because her boyfriend was in the re-enactment has a little different testimony – Monika Wesolowski’s testimony can be viewed HERE> courtesy of the Common Sense Show…

…A little boy found the pipe bomb, and ran out with it. The bomb was on timers, it was also detonated by the ATF (bomb squad) to deactivate it. If that boy had not found it there would have been a lot of physical damage. Another bomb was found in a tent, it was what they call “a soda bomb” which would have detonated during the show that they were going to put on when the dancers were dancing.

According to the Northern Virginia Daily, not only has the Sheriffs Office been assigned to the case, “Middletown police, state police and the state police bomb squad, other departments responding included the Frederick County Fire and Rescue, K9 units from Frederick County and Frederick County Fire Marshal’s office. The FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives also assisted, the release states.”

According to Dave, the Confederate re-enactment soldiers had to sign an indemnification agreement where they would not hold anyone liable if anyone was injured or killed. I am assuming they signed this before the re-enactment took place.

It’s definitely to early to say who would of done this, speculation will run rampant. But, this comes on the heels of the confederate statues being taken down.

*Correction: Mistakenly wrote Winchester, was corrected to Middletown

New Info Will Become Public – Codes

October 11, 2017

Remember when President Trump said, “the Calm before the storm?” “You will see.”

That was just one simplistic message, as there will be others to Americans, he will eventually drop other small messages along the way, then he will finally divulge the truth to the public which will shock the world, finally drawing back the curtains and exposing the Deep State.

It’s coming…..watch….wait……LISTEN! and pray for our President…for his safety!🙏🏻

In the President’s speech that I call “The Calm Before The Storm” there is a hidden message within his words. Don’t believe me? The CIA has been using reverse speech for years under the Stargate Project. Unbeknownst to the silly mainstream news monstrosity, the message was right there in plain site. If you play a recording backwards of President Trump’s speech you will hear, Hillary Clinton and California, meaning they will be dealt with! LISTEN HERE>

Harvey Weinstein was just the small fish, many more will fall, Hollywood will take a big hit, but don’t expect Hillary Clinton to ever serve time in prison for #pizzagate, that will never happen. However, she will be taken down for many other crimes, it’s drawing near an end for her and many others. This is confirmed!

Remember during the counting of the ballots during the Presidential election when it looked like Hillary was going to win? That long drawn out pause….before finally you saw the real numbers coming up on the screen for President Trump? We told you before the flag officers stopped the stealing of the election!

Well, the flag officers are getting involved with the censoring that google is doing! You will never hear that in the MSM.

The charger that was in Steven Paddocks room was not meant for a cell phone. Nope! It was meant to charge a very thin battery, much like a CP502520 3.OV 600 mAh LiMn02 non-rechargeable thin cell battery used by the US Special Forces and CIA. This is information neither the Sheriff or FBI would tell us.

When reading the following excerpt, keep in mind that President Kennedy tried to expose the secret societies by telling the press, we all know that was the wrong approach since he was assassinated right after! President Trump knows this and will not make the same mistake. 

He will start by giving the public access to Investigation reports of President Kennedy. This will show with proof there is a Deep State, like dominos, they will fall…their lies will be exposed all the way through 9/11/2001 to present Deep State false flags.

This excerpt comes from an anonymous posting (MegaAnon Leaks)


“ The MSM and public will only be given a few hours of notice on the day 

   of each series of Presidential addresses and will NOT be given details 

   or talking points, in advance. POTUS will choose a VERY select group of 

   WH media correspondents to attend live, which BTW, is standard protocol 

   for presidential addresses.”


   They will not be afforded the opportunity to tee up presser/subject 

   related questions, which is done on purpose. Gives media no chance to 

   build the public narrative or messaging in advance with a lot of 

   unfounded pre-address “speculation” and hypothesizing for hours, based 

   on a few pre-released talking point bones POTUS will usually throw in 

   advance. When these series of addresses have concluded, NO ONE will be 

   confused. He will be extremely clear and concise. He will leave no room 

   for false narratives. There will be no gray areas left to fill.”

“The goal is that when it’s all said and done, there will be no room for 

   question, when it comes to the people. He won’t have to disclose s***t 

   like 9/11, OKC, Vegas, Voter Fraud, Russia hacks or collusion, 

   elections rigging, etc. specifically. When he’s done, it will be a 

   literal “mic drop” on the world’s stage and you will no one ever again, 

   will have the ability to question who’s responsible for, involved 

   coordinating, etc. ANYTHING that has ever happened and been considered 

   a “conspiracy theory”, ever again. When he’s done, the entire world 

   will just KNOW IT ALL. It really is THAT all-encompassing. Like Trump 

   says, “you’ll see”. It just has to happen. We cannot be derailed. Ever 



  “[from another poster: Can you give us any indication on timing of when”

   “these disclosures will occur? Within days? Weeks? Months? Years?]”


“Soon, but I won’t pin myself to anything more than that because I 

   literally can’t. 2.5 weeks ago, I’d have said within 72 hours about 

   this if I didn’t know better. You’d then, would’ve called me a larp, 

   and rightfully so, no?! I would’ve been wrong thanks to what we now 

   call, a “Vegas attack”. 8 weeks ago, I would’ve said it would happen 

   within the week, with 100% certainty. I’d have bet my entire career on 

   it and doxxed myself to prove my credibility… but alas, I’ve drudged 

   through this “swamp” long enough to know that “timeframes” mean 

   nothing. Scheduled dates on a POTUS’s calendar mean nothing. Literally 

   ever. It is a full on hourly, daily, weekly race to the finish… truth 

   or corruption wins -whoever gets there first.”


   “So, instead of trying to pidgeon-hold me by asking me “WHEN”, I ask you 

   to realize that your most important should be, “WHY NOT ALREADY” and 

   your biggest concern should be “WHAT HAPPENS, BETWEEN NOW AND WHEN”.

“MegaAnon here. Trump went hard in his presser today so I’m going to 

   drop a few HUGE BREADCRUMBS, but it’s the first time I’ve really felt I 

   need to tread lightly with info… so please, for f***s sake friends, pay 

   attention to EVERY word I’m TYPING. 1. Internal reports floating around 

   that Kelly’s phone was stolen/hacked “a few days ago”. 2. Remember, 

   Kelly is a general and usually, “early reports” of s**t like 

   hacks/thefts are used as scapegoats to recall back to, when they later 

   need to try and say that someone couldn’t have said that, made that 

   phone call, emailed that person, etc. their “device had been 

   hacked/stolen”, therefore compromised evidence. 3. You had a good dude 

   tee you up about a “VIP”/”general” being escorted to Mandalay, also “a 

   few days ago”. Soon you’ll see airport arrival times of high level 

   officials seamlessly align with “suspicious activity” and claims of 

   “shots fired” reported at the airport. Like Trump says, “you’ll see”.

  4. Same good dude also told you a much larger scaled attack was the 

   initial intent, but was thwarted/averted. Would’ve “killed thousands”. 

   Trump tweeted it was a “miracle” using condescending quotes. The 

   miracle was their plan to kill thousands more, was thwarted. “Miracle” 

   was a f*** you to McCabe. 5. Trump then confirmed in statement last 

   night, he still has “no clue” if the shooter was connected to ISIS. 

   F*** you to Pompeo/Tillerson. 

   6. Tonight, he publicly confirms what candidly, we’ve ALL been working 

   towards, for the last 11 months. Everyone always asks me what I “do”. 

   Well, there’s lot of us and EXACTLY what we do. We are going to show 

   you what WAS intended for Las Vegas, HOW EXTREME it was supposed to be, 

   WHO coordinated it and WHY THEY DID. Trump isn’t blowing a lid on Vegas 

   when referring to “the storm”. Trump’s promised “storm” will prove that 

   Vegas was supposed to be no different than 27 classified pages 

   outlining what really happened on 9/11. Vegas was ONLY to STOP TRUMP 


“Morning y’all, “MegaAnon” here. Just an FYI, after you all came up with 

   this nickname for me back in May or June, you had asked me to use it to 

   ID myself so you could cap my posts and keep them together. So I had 

   been doing that but last night after a series of posts I’d made over 

   the last couple of days prior, I had tried to post under the name to ID 

   my posts and I got a notification from 4Chan that the “MegaAnon” name 

   was banned and though I could still post, I couldn’t use that name to 

   identify with my threads. It literally wouldn’t let me post if 

   “MegaAnon” was in the “Name” field of the comment box. So… I posted a 

   few comments last night (pic related) and if anyone cares, I’ll just 

   identify myself by saying I’m MegaAnon first, before I proceed with my 

   comment, in a thread. Stick with me though, I’m going to tell you 

   exactly what I know and I’ve been on the ground, have accessed the 

   suspects room, etc. I came home from Vegas Wednesday afternoon but I 

   got back tonight for another 4-day stint.”

   “1. You need to know that as of last Monday (mid-morning), the DC FBI 

   was officially approved to assume federal jurisdiction over the Vegas 

   investigation, via federal petition. Important to note that in the SAME 

   appeal, they not only circumvented the LVMPD, but they also ousted 

   their own NV FBI field office (this is A RARE MOVE, based on what 

   limited and again, very loose documented intel they presented to 

   support their appeal). At time of appeal, they informally presented 

   undisclosed intel (usually this means this intel was NOT obtained or 

   aggregated by US-based intel agencies. That’s important because it lets 

   them keep the source of the info confidential for “active investigation 

   purposes”, therefore remains completely unsourced and substantiated) 

   indicating the suspect had “terror related ties”.

“2. Hours after jurisdiction was approved and officially transferred, 

   the name of the suspect was released – Steve C. Paddock and 

   unironically less than 2 hours after that, ISIS took public 

   responsibility for the attack, claiming that Paddock had “converted to 

   Islam months ago” and that he was theirs.


   Ask yourselves this… in which attacks over the last four years, has 

   ISIS ever “waited” to publicly claim “responsibility” for? Answer: ALL 



   they can claim it’s terror related and assemble a sh**ty, loosely 

   substantiated appeal documentation, proving “terror”, it goes federal. 

   Remember that.”


   “Why does ISIS wait for FBI jurisdiction in these scenarios? So they can 

   “confirm” and “release” an FBI NAMED SUSPECT, while teeing up their 

   public statement, to confirm “affiliations”, based on ZERO EVIDENCE and

   SUPPORT. Simply put, they wait for the agency to tell them who their 

   newest convert is.”

  “3. If this looks like a complete cluster f*** between LVMPD and agency, 

   then ding, ding! You’re right… IT IS! Why?! For the slow in the back, 

   let me simplify… mass and scale. As much as the digital world benefits 

   these goons, they’ve also realized exactly how much it hinders them. 

   You no longer need the MSM, a few press conferences or the 

   “authorities” to air, broadcast, publicize information and reports. You 

   only need access to the internet. Know what’s ultimately responsible 

   for the 9/11 botch as opposed to other agency coordinated attacks?! 

   Internet access. The mass ability of we, the people, to access 

   exorbident information in real time, download, upload, archive and 

   store that info then, DISTRIBUTE ON OUR OWN.”


   “Example: Take all of those initial witness accounts and live interviews 

   of people within the first 6 hours of 9/11. They reported additional 

   explosions on random floors, flashes of lights, conflicting reports of 

   what they were being told by first responders in terms of 

   events/secured evacuation routes, unrelated fires on unimpacted floors, 

   etc., remember that? Remember the live CNN interview on WTC 7 

   collapsing, aired an hour and 23 minutes before it actually did?! See, 

   the MSM thought that by internally deleting the footage and never 

   re-airing or commenting on it publicly again, they were saved. They 

   underestimated the capability of the average person, to download, 

   privately store, re-upload and mass distribute, INFORMATION once it’s 

   hit the internet.”

“That’s where we are today! (((THEY))) can’t keep up with us. As 

   technology, availability and accessibility to everything from the 

   internet, mass info distribution platforms like social media, video 

   streaming applications, public board forums like 4Chan, etc. these 

   people LITERALLY have been floundering in their desperate attempts to 

   keep up. Over the last 2 decades, they’ve realized they CANNOT “dot 

   every single i” or “cross every single t”. 

“for the better part of the last 20 years, they’ve scrambled to 

   recruit search engines like Google, service providers like Verizon, 

   Comcast, Time Warner, etc., social media sites like Facebook and 

   Twitter and streaming sites like YouTube, to assist them in their 

   efforts. Hence you now see massive corruption via SEO skewing and info 

   scrubbing, edited metadata tags, buried search engine results based on 

   those tags, the complete erasure, blockage and shadow banning of social 

   media and upload/streaming accounts, etc. all done in a coordinated 

   effort to try and beat the public to the punch by proactively removing 

   information they can identify upfront that is, will or may be, a 

   problem For them in the future, while stifling your ability to find, 

   research, locate, download/upload, store and disseminate information.”


   Since there are millions of people with the ability and accessibility 

   to literally “debunk” ANYTHING they state, confirm, report, claim, 

   visually show, etc. they are clammoring over themselves in an effort to 

   keep their “stories” straight.


   “I can 100% CONFIRM that LVMPD absolutely KNOWS that in the end, they 

   are being set up to fail. They will take the fall for anything 

   misreported, misinterpreted, misinformed, incorrect, mishandled, etc. 

   They are being forced to look like the front man though EVERYONE 

   INTERNAL KNOWS that they are just running monitored and directed 

   talking points they are being given. They are being forced into a 

   “position of authority” that candidly, they HAVEN’T LEGALLY HELD 

   JURISDICTION OVER, SINCE MONDAY. See how quick they jumped to to 

   “publicly confirm” that they were opening an investigation into the 

   “first leaked photos of the hotel room and dead suspect”?!? THE LVMPD 

   WAS FORCED TO EAT THE FBI’S S**T because the credibility of the FBI 

   after the clusterf**Ks known as “Russia”, Comey, etc. can’t afford the 

   implication that those photos were leaked under THEIR AUTHORITY… so the 

   LVMPD publicly ate their f*** up…”

  “…because once a local authority or an agency confirms they are running 

   an investigation, it means that legally, whatever crime they are 

   assuming the responsibility of investigating, falls under their 

   jurisdiction. LVMPD really just wants to tell you all that they haven’t 

   collected, tagged, cleared or logged, A SINGLE PIECE OF F***ing 



   TAKEOVER. If agency had to publicly confirm the date/time of their 

   jurisdiction takeover, then EVERYONE would know the LVMPD shouldn’t 

   even be making statements the FBI’s investigation AND they’d know ANY 

   REPORTED SLIP UPS, like “LEAKED SCENE PHOTOS” were done under agency 

   authority, NOT LVMPD. The “storm” Trump’s refered to isn’t Vegas 

   itself. I confirm 100% that a MUCH larger event was planned/thwarted by 

   (((them))), but was done to DIVERT TRUMP AWAY FROM 

   declassifying/releasing “the storm” (a series of classified info that 

   admin will disclose publicly on 3 different but HUGE, socially 

   controversial topics. (((They’ve))) already delayed this TWICE. I’m not 

   saying they f*** with the weather – think what you will BUT, they DID 

   exploit the hurricanes/devastation to their advantage, by wrapping him 

   in so much red tape re: resource distro/allocation, services/duty 

   assembly/deployment, etc. Hence the “storm” reference was a “f*** you” 

   to McCabe, Kelly, Tillerson, Pompeo, McCain, Ryan, McConnell, Pelosi, 

   Schumer, etc. Anyone question timing of San Juan Mayor’s emboldened 

   comments, days before Vegas?! Done to get the PUBLIC focused on 

   Trump/admin. and accused “inaction” in Puerto Rico. While the MSM 

   distracted concerned public/Trump, it kept in him check as they geared 

   up for Vegas. It’s a “miracle” it didn’t work.”


   [from another poster: Thanks, anyway you can give insight on the 3 



 “I could but I won’t and as a courtesy, here’s why… I have never come on 

   here to post bulls**t. I don’t hypothesize theories or possibilities… I 

   post only what I know to be true. It’s why I won’t pidgeon-hold myself 

   by providing very narrow, specific dates or timeframes (like “tomorrow” 

   or “next week”, even when I’m 95% confirmed. If I post on here with the 

   intent of you taking me at face value, I have to build my credibility 

   and that’s only done through prolonged consistency and correctness on 

   valuable info. I’m never trying to be vague, though sometimes I have to 

   be, depending on the topic. I only post on here (hence is why I’m not 

   very good with tripcodes, sifting through archives, archiving or 

   capping s**t myself, etc.) to drop paths of info that connect dots 

   you’re either missing or ignoring, that in reality, are the most 

   important to focus on. Anyone being TOO specific, is f***ing lying to 

   you. No one at our level with everything to lose, would blow their 

   entire load on 4Chan. I promise you, no one actually involved, would 

   risk exposure. Hence, “blackwater Anon”. Notice he was specific, yet 

   just vague enough? He’s one of “your guys”. WHAnon?! Sadly he’s the 

   biggest long con LARP, I’ve seen on here in a while… it actually 

   disappoints me how much attention and credit you’ve given him.”

  “ I will confirm that the 3 disclosures have been discussed and vetted 

   thoroughly, for the last several months, here. Ok, fine… and while 

   “pizza” is on the menu, it’s not one of the 3 pending releases. Not in 

   the way you want it to be. It will be discussed and Hollywood 

   specifically will take a MASSIVE HIT in the very near future. Harvey 

   was the first lowhanging takedown so just imagine how high-level this 

   will go. But I assure you, while Hillary, the Clinton campaign/staff, 

   Obama admin, establishment (both parties) and DNC as related to 

   election fraud, etc. will eventually fall for epic crimes, you’ll never 

   see Hillary in an orange jumpsuit, for actual pizza.”











Tragedy Charlottesville Virginia, BLM, ANTIFA Protesters, Unite the Right

Tragedy Charlottesville Virginia, BLM, ANTIFA Protesters, Unite the Right

August 13, 2017

The particular area in Charlottesville, VA where Heather Heyer who was a paralegal from Greene County, Virginia was killed by a vehicle and 19 people were injured. This horrific incident was caused by a silver dodge charger that slammed into the back of the first car pushing it into a crowd of protesters who were Black Lives Matters, and ANTIFA.

There is a go fund me page for Heather, setup by Felicia Venita Correa to help pay for the families expenses.

The car slammer who has since been arrested has been identified as James Alex Fields, Jr, 20 years old from Maumee, Ohio, as reported by wnem.com. He has been charged with second degree murder, malicious woundings, failure to stop at the scene as reported by cbsnews.com.

The racial bigotry from BLM, ANTIFA and KKK White Supremacist Groups are not acceptable. All of these groups are hate groups and none of them should of been allowed to march. This activity just fuels further prejudice and racial tensions.

Many of ANIFA supporters were seen beating the back of the Dodge Charger as well as people with sticks, bats, hurling paint and urine filled balloons. One man named Jason had the bones broken in his face. He must get reconstructive surgery and has a Go Fund Me page if you would like to help him.

President Trump condemns White Supremacist Groups and all other hate groups:

Governor Terry McAuliffe (D), who has since declared a state of emergency in Charlottesville tweeted that people who had come to hurt others were not welcome, to go home. He did not specifically direct the tweet to white supremacists.

But, earlier McAuliffe said in a press conference, reported by The Washington Post that he had a message for the white supremacists and the Nazi’s, “all the white supremacists and the Nazis who came into Charlottesville today: Go home. You are not wanted in this great commonwealth.” He specifically related any violence to the KKK and did not talk about ANTIFA or BLM, groups which also took part in violent confrontations with their fighting, throwing broken bottles, using pepper spray, wielding sticks….(McIntire Park)

Virginia State Police are the ones who came in and claimed that the protests were unlawful and violated the state statute. Shortly after this ruling is when the car slammer hit the crowd.

Faith Goldy who was filming the periscope video said that the alt right (KKK) were not allowed to protest and were not granted permission to march. They did show up, and apparently were granted permission, but were not the cause of this horrific incident yesterday as far as we know.

Several ANTIFA protesters tried blocking the KKK from protesting and were arrested. KKK were suppose to be protesting the removal of the statue of Confederate General Robert E Lee, protecting American history, cultural genocide that they felt was happening to America. 

When you are talking about the alt right, make no mistake they are groups of the KKK, neo-fascists which in no way represent President Trump or his supporters. So, to blame our President or his supporters is completely wrong.

CNN was reporting that a “speeding car” slammed into the crowd of counter protesters which is not correct, they need to make a correction.

I wish CNN would stop reporting fake news, it’s getting tiresome. How many times does our President need to condemn hatred in this country? If he condemned it everyday, CNN would still say he doesn’t condemn hatred.

Here’s another lie by CNN, NBC puts them to shame:

I don’t care for false reports by the mainstream media, twisting and turning the facts to meet their own agenda and blame it on alt right groups. Whether you are with the KKK or not is not the point, true reporting should be the goal.

No matter if you support the KKK or not, they had a permit, they were protesting peacefully until ANTIFA and BLM took it upon themselves to cause fights and violence to break out. Seriously, they didn’t see this coming when they gave those permits is crazy! Only way to save this country from further serious incidents like this would be to stop issuing permits, period. Did ANTIFA or BLM have permits?

A very scary read complete with video that explains what ANTIFA in America and Britain have been up to involves training with Syria, then they plan on using what they learned upon returning home. CLICK HERE TO READ FURTHER>

Twitter was taking down this periscope tweet, why? Because they don’t want the truth out there either.

Full periscope video within tweet can be seen👇

Attorney General Jeff Sessions States there will be a federal investigation into the incident in Charlottesville:

Clip from Faith Goldy’s periscope video: ⚠️Caution, not for the squeamish or children

8/13/2017, Sunday, a day after the conclusion of State Police ruling protesters were unlawfully gathering, against state statute. ANTIFA is now in Seattle rioting and abusing police that are in Seattle. Ask yourselves, is this a double standard? Police in the following video within tweet are just standing there and taking the abuse without acting upon it. No KKK in sight, mind you! Haven’t heard one democrat denounce any of this behavior.

I came across an article written anonymously by an ex-ANTIFA supporter who quickly decided the group was not for him or her, in fact this person realized quickly that they were nothing but thugs, would be murders, their ideology should have no place in American society. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE>

Stay away from Antifa, they’re just another hate group cloaked as freedom fighters.

8/16/2017 Three more ANTIFA rioters have been arrested in Chicago READ MORE HERE >

8/19/2017 More alt-left arrests in Boston protests. There has been throwing of objects and attacking of police. Boston police put out a notification on Twitter telling people to refrain from throwing objects at police at Tremont at West in Boston. Most of these following tweets have [VIDEO] of actual footage….

ANTIFA throws first punch:

Violence from the alt-left has gone on for far to long, this is what CNN will not show you

A grand motherly woman is attacked and dragged for carrying our American flag:

So, these so called peaceful protests are anything but peaceful, thanks to the alt-left!

There is a petition on the White House website you can sign to have ANTIFA formally declared a terrorist organization. As of this writing 29,169 people have signed with a goal of 100,000.

PETITION: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/formally-recognize-antifa-terrorist-organization-0

UPDATE ON PETITION: It has enough signatures and is now on it’s way to the White House.

Calls Worldwide Since Recent London Terrorist Attacks, Suspected Terrorist Internment Camps 

Calls Worldwide Since Recent London Terrorist Attacks, Suspected Terrorist Internment Camps 

June 21, 2017


The USA did it once, we can do it again! Internment Camps may just be the answer for suspected radical Islamic terrorists. No more just being put on a watch list, this is a warning ⚠️ 

As reported by truth-out.org, in a growing call for internment camps in the aftermath of the recent London attack, UKIP leader Nigel Farage states; “if there is not action, then the calls for internment will grow.”

Nigel Farage joins President Trump in questioning why the London Mayor, Sadiq Kahn is not enacting proposed legal measures against radical Islamic terrorists.

This is a legal measure, as it once was enacted on Japanese in the USA during World War II. It is definitely a precedent that can be used.

Prime Minister Theresa May has called for ripping up human rights laws that are standing in the way of internment camps.

Theresa May has had enough, she states: “And I mean doing more to restrict the freedom and the movements of terrorist suspects when we have enough evidence to know they present a threat, but not enough evidence to prosecute them in full in court. “And if human rights laws stop us from doing it, we will change those laws so we can do it.”
I believe since you do not hear a call for radical Islamic terrorism to be stopped by the majority of Muslims within Western nations, this shows a complicity in their views on terrorism. 

There is a law cited in [Korematsu v. United States], which is that the president has vast powers over immigration — particularly when they are national security issues.

Case Law: Korematsu v. United States https://www.law.cornell.edu/supremecourt/text/323/214

A Muslim registry would be an important step to get a handle on who exactly is here in the USA. 

According to dailymail.co.uk, Mr. Tarique Ghaffur, an Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard has asked for special detainment centers to be set up to house 3,000 suspected terrorists in order to stop further attacks. He states that there are to many extremists on the streets which makes it to hard for M-15 or police officers to follow. Ghaffur also believes that a fatwa should be issued by Imams condemning the atrocities.

Image from dailymail.co.uk

Muslims calling for “safe spaces,” within the USA is ludicrous, it is every persons right to be able to have safe space no matter what Religion you are affiliated with. Do not be deluded into thinking safe spaces for Muslims is not a sanctuary city where you are protected from prosecution.

San Francisco’s Mayor Ed Lee and Supervisor Malia Cohen have introduced a resolution to ban Muslim registry earlier in 2017. They are basically saying that registering based on religion would be putting a bullseye on the backs of Muslims. But, in all reality if we don’t have some type of watch list, we could be open to more extreme violence. California just does not seem to be able to grapple with the reality of Islamic radical ideology and the implications of it. They are jeopardizing their people who live there on a very high level. How soon they have forgotten the San Bernardino attack!

Bush’s Muslim Registry which was implemented after 9/11 was dismantled in 2016 by the Obama Administrations Department of Homeland Security. This needs to be reimplemented!

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson upon his confirmation has never ruled out a Muslim registry. 

If the Supreme Court doesn’t pass the travel ban then this registry needs to be implemented so we know who is coming into the USA and exactly where they are. We do it for sexual predators, it would not be to extreme to have a registry for Muslims coming from known terrorist supporting countries entering into the USA.

Right Wing Calls for Muslim Internment Camps Growing Worldwide

Thank God We Have A President That Cares About Americans

Thank God We Have A President That Cares About Americans

May 30, 2017

Day after day President Trump has shown people who are watching him in his young presidential career that he cares about Americans and their families.

With the MSM constantly bashing him, it is a wonder he has withstood the storm. But, he has withstood the storm like a trooper. The fake Russian narrative is exhaustively wearing itself down to nothing. Zero, nada, no truth whatsoever has been brought forth to imply that he or his campaign were ever involved in any nefarious activities with the Russians. Talking with Russian Diplomats is in no way against the law. But, selling Uranium to the Russian’s like Hillary Clinton did is very questionable as far as I am concerned.

He continually tries to strive for peace and prosperity throughout the world. His best show of these traits was evidenced in his first foreign trip to Saudia Arabia and Europe. We are so proud of our President! The loser MSM just can’t seem to get their reporting right, very sad. According to most of the MSM, Trump didn’t do anything right. Oh, yeah, that’s right, they watched CNN, that explains everything.


Hillary Clinton and her husband went to our President’s inauguration, but they continually show their disloyalty to our POTUS and America. I ask my self, are they living in the same America as I am? Their views are so counterproductive, and nonsupportive of our POTUS. They need to get onboard the #TrumpTrain, stop complaining and help us Make America Great Again!

Hillary Clinton is a poster child for the resistance against Trump. But, does she have the stamina,  willpower to win the democratic base that left her during the election of 2016? Personally, I believe she is just following in the footsteps of Obama, yup a follower, never a leader. Hers and Obama’s resistance is failing miserably. Sadly for warmonger/regime changer Hillary Clinton she won’t get that Third World War she wanted. Just imagine, if she had become President!

In Agenda 2030 they talk about depopulation, what better way to depopulate than by aborting babies and sending our young men to fight in a Third World Global War! I am so glad she is not my President!


The Democratic Liberals need to become fully awake like Trump supporters. A book called “Queen of CHAOS” which was written by Diana Johnstone explains why she is the Queen of Chaos. In an article on counterpunch.org, written by Maidhc O Cathail, in which she questions the author Diana Johnstone: “Can you explain why you chose this derogatory sobriquent to describe Hillary?” Her answer was quite to the point:

Diana Johnstone: Libya, in a word. Hillary Clinton was so proud of her major role in instigating the war against Libya that she and her advisers initially planned to use it as basis of a “Clinton doctrine”, meaning a “smart power” regime change strategy, as a presidential campaign slogan.

The Libyan catastrophe actually inspired me to write this book, along with the mounting danger of war with Russia.

War creates chaos, and Hillary Clinton has been an eager advocate of every U.S. aggressive war in the last quarter of a century.  These wars have devastated whole countries and caused an unmanageable refugee crisis. Chaos is all there is to show for Hillary’s vaunted “foreign policy experience”.

So, there you have it, I urge all Democratic liberals who care about their sons to read this book! Be thankful, stop complaining all the time that President Trump is our President. Just be mindful of what we have averted, a complete disaster, one in which I believe Germany’s, Angela Merkel would of been proud to help sponsor, a war right alongside of Hillary!


After World War II, Germany’s Chancellor Merkel has not forgotten that her country became divided, east and west.  Half of the country was under a Communist way of life. She still holds a grudge that she will never put away. Never mind the fact that Germany had a lust for world dominance, and the killing of innocent Jewish families. Hillary and Merkel together, wow, these two crazy people would have destroyed the world!

If Germany wants war with Russia, let them fight it out on their own. The German government is on their way to destabilizing their own population with the Muslim influx of refugees. According to an article that was published by Soeren Kern via gatestoneinstitute.org, dated February 8, 2017, “Critics of Germany’s open-door immigration policy are warning that the recent surge in Germany’s Muslim population — which surpassed six million in 2016 for the first time —- has already changed the face of the country forever.” Germany can thank their leader for that misfortune of events.

This is evidence that Merkel doesn’t seem to care enough about her people to save their German cultures or values. Hillary Clinton joined forces with Merkel’s stance on immigration/refugees from known terrorist countries. She didn’t mind if the U.S. took in more refugees from terrorist countries, furthering more of an economic crisis on U.S. citizens, not to mention more possible terror attacks that could occur with the terrorists sneaking in as refugees. The Democrats that voted for this need their heads examined, period!

So, again, let me make it clear for those that voted for Hillary, you aided and abetted a coup on your own country! And, if you continue to support Obama’s and Hillary’s views, and this goes for all those Hollywood elites who have their heads in the sand, you are still aiding and abetting, stop it, and come to your senses! What does it take for people not to see this?


To the Democrats who did see for themselves, by doing their research, and jumping the Hillary sinking ship, you did the right thing for our country. I thank you, believe me, you will not be sorry that you voted for President Trump. Thank God for President Trump!

Our President has tried to keep every promise he made to the American people. If he didn’t have to fight the Federal Judges who keep blocking his travel ban, we might of had a better chance of not becoming like Germany, Sweden, France. Now, with Federal Judge William Orrick blocking the Department of Justice from withholding funding from communities that limit their cooperation with U.S. Immigration authorities, it’s just another attempt for the Democrats to cry foul! When in all actuality, this Judge seems to be aiding and abetting criminal activity in these sanctuary cities. I am beginning to think something is very wrong with those people in California. The deep state is still alive, and well.

UPDATE: Trump has kept his promise on Climate Change Accord. He is willing to renegotiate.


We need to keep fighting along with President Trump to get these corrupt Judges out of office. When the DOJ sends a letter to nine sanctuary cities, telling them to comply with federal immigration laws or lose their grant money, it should be obeyed! Illegals that are in the USA are not citizens, therefore you would think that they do not have rights under the constitution. These leftist judges try and argue that they do have rights under the constitution. The fourteenth amendment gives them their said rights, it states “No state shall….deprive any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” So, in the interpretation of the constitution, they do have rights. The key word is “people,” meaning all people living inside of the U.S. But, people who are undocumented or are in violation of visas and the like, they should not be protected by sanctuary cities.

Getting back to the sanctuary cities….illegals who otherwise would be deportable, if not living in a sanctuary community, they should not be protected nor shielded  by constitutional laws. So, by Judge Orrick shielding them, by blocking further action taken for noncompliance of laws, that should be illegal in my opinion. By Attorney General Sessions threatening to block funding to these communities, they would eventually fall away, not so much now. I am sure Trump and his administration will not give up fighting for what is right, America First!

With Trump’s “Fathomless Federation” who are a group of very powerful global law firms who are against the deep state, which were embedded into the very fabric of America by Trump over the past, nearly four decades, he will come out fighting, and will eventually win.